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On March 24, 2015

Revisit, Revise & Renew = Improvement

The key to maintaining a successful social media strategy is improvement. The recipe for effective improvement involves data analysis, understanding, and action in balanced parts. Without improvement, you become stale. Your ability to reach the broadest and most relevant audience weakens. This is not an ideal situation for any social media strategy. Critical Analysis It
On March 17, 2015

Listen to Feedback from all Social Sources

It’s easy to have a loud voice on social media. What’s harder is being a good listener. Too often, we see companies completely miss the target because they’ve failed to take on board feedback from their social surrounds. Social media provides companies with the opportunity to interact directly with their clients in a neutral environment.
On March 9, 2015

Share Engaging Content with your Followers

There are multiple benefits to sharing great content with your followers. People love great content, and great content is often defined by people loving it. Becoming a sharer allows you to engage with a more diverse audience through minimal effort. However, there can be drawbacks. Sharing is often inadvertently associated with endorsement, and if you
On March 2, 2015

Maintain a Unique Brand on Social Media

Repeatedly, we see large companies stray from their core branding and become caught in a mire of confusing, inconsistent messages. Bandwaggoning is a sadly obvious symptom of this illness. Businesses jumping on trends and issues simply for the sake of exposure is never healthy in the long run. Rather than using social media as a