On April 21, 2015

Building Authenticity on Social Media

It can take a business decades to build true authenticity. Nevertheless, this remains one of the most valued core attributes in both business and personal relationships.

Due to the growing close connection between businesses and their social media façade, exhibiting authenticity across both becomes an exercise in brand building.

With any luck, your brand will already carry strong connotations of authenticity. If not, it’s time to generate those. It can be painstaking and progress might be slow, but if you are truly earnest in your endeavours to deliver a quality experience to clients, this should shine through.

Sometimes, things can get lost in translation. If you’re struggling to exhibit genuine authenticity through your social media channels, these tips might help.

Be Real.

Ensure your brand’s voice is clear and present in everything you do. Don’t flood your page with items shared from elsewhere, and give everyone a chance to see the real you.

Offer Something.

There are far too many brands out there trying to sell, sell, sell. Before you ask, give. Simply standing in front of a crowd and telling them they should pay you their hard-earned cash to do something for them is not enough. You need to illustrate knowledge, expertise and genuine skill in that arena.


Talk with your followers, answer their questions, ask them some yourself. Do everything you can to build a community of people who are willing to chat, exchange ideas and ultimately trust you as an authority.

The key to authenticity is that you have to mean it. You have to be prepared to take that extra step to build trust.

It’s not a race to empty your clients’ wallets. It’s a race to be the best help they’ll ever get when they’re in need.

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