On April 14, 2015

Increase Social Engagement with Images

We live in an era in which everyone has a camera. There have never been more images available to us than now, and images have rapidly solidified as one of our chief forms of communication.

Images grab our eye – prima facie, they are more interesting and exciting than plain text. They are easy to digest, and as the old adage goes, each one is worth a thousand words.

As the world moves even more rapidly towards video interaction, the relevance of images as a quick and easy means of communication has become more pronounced than ever.

People share images at a considerably high rate than other post types. Of the huge number of interactions on Facebook daily, 87% are with photos.

A successful image post needs to incorporate three basic factors in order to achieve its full potential.


There’s nothing worse than a poorly cropped image. When you’re creating an image, consider its intended use and goals. Ensure it is sized correctly. For example, a Facebook news feed post should be 472×394; a page likes acquisition advertisement should be 1200×444.


An image needs to be relevant to its target audience to garner interest. If you’re not displaying something that people want to see, they simply won’t engage.


In order to attract and retain attention, you must provide value. Whether that is entertainment, information, inspiration or even a sales piece, it needs to provide the audience with something that they value. Always evaluate what you’re offering, and be sure to give more than you ask for.

The key thing to remember is that visual imagery isn’t simply a magic pill that will automatically increase engagement. Done incorrectly, you can turn your audience off and actively damage your reach and engagement levels. Even worse, poor image management can harm your brand image.

Clear goals and correct execution will ensure you get maximum value from every image post you make.

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