On March 17, 2015

Listen to Feedback from all Social Sources

It’s easy to have a loud voice on social media. What’s harder is being a good listener. Too often, we see companies completely miss the target because they’ve failed to take on board feedback from their social surrounds.

Social media provides companies with the opportunity to interact directly with their clients in a neutral environment. As a result, we often see vast disparities between real-world feedback and online feedback. Clients are more direct in their criticism, yet also more thorough in their praise.

Even those companies which have perfected the art of hearing and responding to their clients within acceptable timeframes are often missing the bigger picture. Listening is not only about hearing your clients, but also your competitors.

There are three key reasons to listen on social media:

Social Improvement

Taking on board what your competitors are doing can lead to massive improvements in the way you carry out your social strategies. You don’t need to “copy” your competitors, but rather understand their brand and discover where your own can carve out a stronger niche.

Customer Satisfaction

This is the leading reason for actively listening on social media. Hearing and adequately responding to feedback, criticism and suggestions from your clients leads to a stronger relationship. This often translates into a wider circle of influence, which ultimately leads to…


This is the reason your company exists. Your social media strategy should have increased sales as its ultimate goal, regardless of the processes taken to achieve this. If you listen, and prove that you’re listening, you stand a strong chance of improving your sales.

Listening to everything in your social media sphere (with an emphasis on your clients) allows you to develop a clearer perspective of where your company stands. Constant improvement is a great strategy to improve your social presence, and listening is the key to improving.

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