On March 2, 2015

Maintain a Unique Brand on Social Media

Repeatedly, we see large companies stray from their core branding and become caught in a mire of confusing, inconsistent messages.

Bandwaggoning is a sadly obvious symptom of this illness. Businesses jumping on trends and issues simply for the sake of exposure is never healthy in the long run.

Rather than using social media as a conduit for spreading the highly valuable message that their business represents, community managers too often focus on amassing likes and followers.

Remember, social media is simply an additional marketing avenue, and by no means is it a guaranteed key to success.

Here are a few tips to keep your social media strategy focussed on what matters.

Connect with like-minded people and businesses

By definition, social media is social. Spread your name around and create a strong network with others in your industry. It’s an easy way to keep tabs on your competitors while also providing an opportunity to create new leads.

Create a strong impression

Stand out from the crowd. Make sure your social media posts have a bit of bang to them. Colour, images, and noticeable headlines are a simple start.

Add value

Don’t be just another voice in your crowd. Ensure that you always bring something to the personal and professional lives of your followers.

Remember your roots

Always remember who you are and what you do. Your activity on social media should reinforce your brand image, not dilute it.

Have a distinct message

If you don’t have a social media ethos, create one. Whatever your core message is, everything you do should return to it.

The key to maintaining a unique brand image on social media is consistency. Understand your brand message and employ the full power of social media to spread it to the masses.

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