On March 24, 2015

Revisit, Revise & Renew = Improvement

The key to maintaining a successful social media strategy is improvement.

The recipe for effective improvement involves data analysis, understanding, and action in balanced parts.

Without improvement, you become stale.

Your ability to reach the broadest and most relevant audience weakens. This is not an ideal situation for any social media strategy.

Critical Analysis

It might sound boring, but data is the key to successful critical analysis. Provided you’ve got a sufficiently large pool of information, you can learn a lot from simply looking at what works. Which posts received the most clicks? How do they differ from less successful posts? Do some posts receive considerable engagement, but very low conversion to website visits? How can this be leveraged?

Far too many people become trapped in a quagmire of pointless data analysis, but done correctly it can provide a considerable boost to your understanding of your target audience.


This is the tricky part. There are an enormous number of variables contributing to the success of individual strategies. Understanding which one affected your outcome can be a hit-and-miss business. Was it the title or the timing? Was it the image or the audience?

It may take some experimentation, but eventually you’ll find a way to arrive quickly at conclusions that are easily supported by your data.


It can be hard to know what to do with your data. However, action is a necessary precursor to a good result. It might take some trial and error, and you may need to take some risks. However, done intelligently, minor changes can lead to major results.

Social media is dynamic. It is constantly changing according to the whims of culture and technology. Constant improvement ensures you stay abreast of the tide and always relevant to your audience.

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