On March 9, 2015

Share Engaging Content with your Followers

There are multiple benefits to sharing great content with your followers. People love great content, and great content is often defined by people loving it. Becoming a sharer allows you to engage with a more diverse audience through minimal effort.

However, there can be drawbacks. Sharing is often inadvertently associated with endorsement, and if you don’t do your research, you might find yourself giving your tick of approval to sub-par content.

What are the main advantages to sharing great content?

You deliver top quality content to your audience.

Unless you’re in the world’s most niche industry, you will never be the exclusive producer of quality content for your market. There is always another perspective worth hearing. If you value your followers, be sure to introduce them to the most informed insights into their interests.

It improves your reputation as an expert.

If you are selective in the content you pass on, you can reinforce your brand image as an expert in your field. Choose properly researched, well written content to share. Ensuring the accuracy of what you pass on to your followers is paramount to building trust.

It creates a stronger community.

So many search for the magic pill that will deliver them a cohesive community of engaged followers. However, it’s not that simple. A community must be maintained. It must be fed and nurtured. Sharing content from other industry leaders does that.

Ensure that you provide top quality information drawn from your own expertise while also opening your audience to a wider perspective.

Where possible, share content on your own platform. Invite industry experts to write guest articles for your website or social media profile. This reinforces your brand authenticity while also delivering greater engagement.

It’s important to maintain a good balance between shared and original content. Continue to deliver great stuff to your followers, but don’t dilute your own brand image in the process.

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