On May 28, 2015

Top 3 Rules for Producing Engaging Content

Good content is hard. Great content is a triumph.

The key to both is engaging your audience. In order to do this, you need to employ a core strategy and follow a few basic rules.


A fundamental basic of community development that many people forget or ignore is simply talking to people. Interact with your fans and followers; answer their questions, respond to their feedback and seek to provide help and advice. Create an environment in which questions and discussion are welcome and even rewarded.

An easy step to get your community more involved is to ask for feedback. Invite commentary on your good and services. Ask for their opinion on a relevant piece of industry news. Alert them to technological changes or innovations. Immerse them in the conversation about what your company does.

Once you’ve got their attention, respond!

Take every step necessary to address any questions or concerns raised by your followers.

Explore their options in depth and always endeavour to provide an effective solution.

Expanding your digital footprint is often the key to attracting a diverse range of potential clients. Engage with other companies, both within your own industry and outside of it. Too many companies shy away from sharing content produced by others. Embrace the social nature of social media, and engage with other content producers. As a caveat though, ensure you never dilute your own brand image.

Make an effort to act familiar and easy to talk to. Aloofness and dismissiveness are never great attributes in a conversation. Respond professionally, but courteously to inquiries. Emphasize with your followers’ concerns and needs. Basically, just listen and respond in a human manner.

Diverse Media

An essential ingredient to engaging content is making it interesting. Uninteresting content will always be ignored. Mix things up; employ a variety of media through which you express your brand.

Using images is a simple and reliable way to improve your community engagement. In order to make the most of images, comply with guidelines for different platforms and seek to maximise image relevance.

Some social media platforms will actively provide preference to video posts over others. It’s sensible to take advantage of this, provided that your videos are of a high enough quality to gain reach and engagement organically.

Having gained popularity and considerable traction as a legitimate form of media, podcasts are also a highly effective form of spreading your message. Recording and releasing a relevant and informative podcast can lend credibility and reliability to your brand, cementing it as a trusted industry source.

Provide Value

Above all else is the importance of providing value. The digital world is highly competitive. If you aren’t handing over something worth a few seconds of your followers’ time, then why play the game?

Rather than sell, sell, sell; seek to give. Inform your community about emerging industry issues and invite them to participate in the learning process. Involve people by asking questions, inviting opinions and responding to queries.

Provide relevant, necessary information.

Be a conduit for positive change in your community.

Entertain your audience while always providing value.

By sharing a constantly evolving knowledge of your industry, you can establish recognized expertise and reliability. A natural consequence this is a positive impact on the strength of your brand image.

If you can effectively engage your audience, you have the foundations to a strong, lasting relationship. Focus on attaining and maintaining a customer-oriented presence on social media. It will pay off.

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